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Strength Building Power Flow

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  • Wide-Hearted Wednesday (Heart-Openers)

    Open your heart and embrace vulnerability with Wide-Hearted Wednesday. This day is dedicated to heart-opening poses like camel, cobra, and bridge, which help to improve the flexibility of your spine, relieve stress, and boost circulation. Experience emotional release and an influx of positive ene...

  • Twist Tune-Up Tuesday (Twists)

    Twisting & Turn Tuesday invites you to detoxify and rejuvenate your body through a variety of twisting poses. This practice helps in massaging the internal organs, enhancing digestion, and releasing tension in the spine. From seated twists to standing rotations, these movements will leave you fee...

  • Mindful Midsection Monday (Core)

    Begin your week with a strong foundation on Mindful Midsection Monday. This session focuses on core-strengthening poses that enhance stability, improve posture, and ignite your inner strength. Expect to engage in a series of challenging planks, boat poses, and dynamic twists that not only sculpt ...