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Bow to Shoulder Stand Flow

5 min • 2m 48s

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    Sometimes we get hung up on nailing the perfect pose that we become so rigid we forget to have fun. We encourage you to let go of thinking you have to be perfect. We are not expert acro yogis and are far from perfect, which is why we feel we can share our journey with you from a place of authenti...

  • Flag

    In this video, you will do a Flag prep before attempting the full Flag pose. The base will start on their knees so the flyer isn’t too high up in the air and more importantly, so the flyer can get a feel for where their foot placement is around the base’s neck. The flyer should make sure they hav...

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    Bird is the pose you think of when you think acro yoga. It is hands down the most fundamental acro yoga pose in which you will most definitely see in some form or another when you practice other acro poses, especially during transitions. If you are the flyer, warm up by doing some Upward Facing D...