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Knee Down Base Bow

5 min • 3m 43s

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    This one is SO FUN! And can be a little sexual if used for foreplay ;) haha jk! Or not! But in all seriousness, if you are the flyer, make sure to really stretch your entire body. You will want to feel like Gumby before attempting this. We’re talking backbends, shoulder stretches, hamstring stret...

  • Standing Prep

    You’ll notice we filmed this in two different settings with two different variations. Both settings are in front majestic waterfalls of course ;) In the first one, the flyer will start off with straight legs and a curved back and then progress to a straight back. In the second one, the flyer will...

  • Square

    We filmed this in beautiful Gaudeloupe at the top of a mountain in front of a waterfall! But if you’re the base, thats not the only view you’re gonna get ;) You will get a nice view of your lovely flyer upside down! If you’re the base, simply make sure you are sitting up tall with a straight spin...