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Mula Bandha

5 min • 6m 27s

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    The Throat Lock or Jalandhara Bandha is the engagement of your neck muscles and drawing your chin towards your heart. Practicing the bandhas offers your body lightness and strength. Remembering to practice the bandhas in your poses gives you more self awareness and body control. Learn how to enga...

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    Description: Bring light and awareness with the gesture of lotus mudra into your meditation practice. We use the lotus mudra of the hands as you take time to bring more power and intention to each 7 chakras along the body as a way to connect to our physical body, mental body, emotional body and o...

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    We must inspire and help others for our community to grow, and through the growth of others, we will be lifted as well. Today I'll read to you a sweet story that represents why we help others. Enjoy!