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  • Throne

    Throne is one of the most fundamental poses in the acro world. In this video, we will practice four different variations of Throne. If you are the flyer, make sure to warm up by stretching your hips! Practice some wide legged forward folding or yogi squats!

  • Mermaid

    This is such a beautiful pose that will truly make you feel like a mermaid! In this video, you will do two arm variations. The first is a little easier in which only one of your arms is doing flip grip (only one elbow bent toward the sky) The second variation is both of your elbows are bent towar...

  • Backbend Breakdown

    Enjoy this colorful breakdown video of bridge and full wheel with a couple of different variations to go deeper or challenge yourself .

    Backbends lengthen front line and strengthen back line, open up front of shoulders, improve breathing, are very energizing and much more! Open your Heart!