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1 Healthy Wrists And Shoulders

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Handstand Hero Intro

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  • 1 Healthy Wrists And Shoulders

    In this class, we’ll go into an in-depth wrist and shoulder warm-up routine. Warming up the wrists and shoulders before working into handstands is extremely important. The healthier we keep our wrists and shoulders, the more flexible and mobile we become, and the more likely we are to succeed at ...

  • 5 Putting It All Together, Handstand ...

    If you don’t have a regular handstand practice (and even if you do) practicing at the wall is critical to getting used to the handstand shape, learning how to engage, and how to breathe. Spend a good amount of time at the wall, and aim to hold a fully engaged handstand for at least 20 seconds for...

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    This short video is a relaxed introduction to Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) pranayama. This breath pattern encourages balanced inner hemispheres to ca...