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Watch this video and more on BSY TV

5 Breaths Hatha

20+ MIN • 22m

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  • 2 Handstand Foundations

    This class is all about learning fundamental shapes and patterns before we go upside down. We’ll explore shapes like plank, hollow body, and how to engage properly in a handstand. The more comfortable you are with these shapes, the greater your likelihood for success when you get upside down.

  • Tune Up Your Practice!

    Ever feel like you practice so often you move through your yoga flow automatically? Like your body just goes without much thought or activation because it's so routine?
    This flow is full of unique transitions to help you refresh your practice and activate in new ways!

  • Runner’s Chill

    Check out BSY's Spotify playlist and let's do the work!

    This is geared towards runners, cyclists, and anyone whose hips and hammies need a little slow love.