Sonali Krish

Sonali Krish

Embarking on my yoga journey, I wholeheartedly committed myself to personal growth and well-being. From the moment I stepped onto the yoga mat, I was captivated by the transformative power within the practice. With each breath and asana, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, exploring the intricate connection between my mind, body, and spirit. As my practice deepened, I felt a strong calling to share the transformative benefits of yoga with others. Today, I am a seasoned practitioner and an inspired yoga teacher, guiding fellow seekers on their transformative journeys. Through yoga, I have witnessed the profound healing and growth that it offers, serving as a gateway to unlocking the powerful mind-body connection. In addition to my 500-hour yoga teacher training credentials, I am pursuing a career in clinical mental health counseling, integrating the therapeutic aspects of yoga into my work. This unique blend allows me to empower individuals to nurture their holistic well-being and discover their innate potential. My flows are structured in a dynamic, intentional, and creative manner with a central focus on breath to practice getting out of the mind and into the body. If you're feeling called to find your flow, let's connect.

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Sonali Krish
  • Wide-Hearted Wednesday (Heart-Openers)

    Open your heart and embrace vulnerability with Wide-Hearted Wednesday. This day is dedicated to heart-opening poses like camel, cobra, and bridge, which help to improve the flexibility of your spine, relieve stress, and boost circulation. Experience emotional release and an influx of positive ene...

  • Twist Tune-Up Tuesday (Twists)

    Twisting & Turn Tuesday invites you to detoxify and rejuvenate your body through a variety of twisting poses. This practice helps in massaging the internal organs, enhancing digestion, and releasing tension in the spine. From seated twists to standing rotations, these movements will leave you fee...

  • Mindful Midsection Monday (Core)

    Begin your week with a strong foundation on Mindful Midsection Monday. This session focuses on core-strengthening poses that enhance stability, improve posture, and ignite your inner strength. Expect to engage in a series of challenging planks, boat poses, and dynamic twists that not only sculpt ...

  • Seven Days of Serenity: A Mindful Journey

    "Seven Days of Serenity: A Mindful Journey" with Sonali invites you on a transformative week-long exploration of meditation and mindfulness. Each day unfolds with a unique focus, guiding you through practices designed to cultivate peace, awareness, and emotional resilience. From the grounding bre...

  • Mindfulness Mastery: Beginning with Breath

    A gentle introduction to the practice of mindfulness, focusing on the foundational technique of breath awareness.

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  • Tranquil Touchdown: Total Body Relaxation

    Dive deep into relaxation with a comprehensive body scan meditation, soothing each part of the body.

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  • Wellness Waves: Warming Hearts with Loving-Kindness

    Cultivate compassion and kindness towards oneself and others, creating ripples of wellness.

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  • Thankful Thoughts: Threading Gratitude Through Life

    Reflect on life's celebrations and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude to enrich everyday experiences.

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  • Meditation: Focus Freedom: Finding Calm Amidst Challenges

    Learn strategies to overcome common meditation obstacles, enhancing focus and inner peace.

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  • Serenity Steps: Syncing Mind and Movement

    Integrate mindfulness with physical activity for a serene harmony of body and mind.

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  • Silent Sunday: Sublime Chakra Journey

    End your meditation week with a guided journey through the chakras. This session focuses on balancing the body's seven energy centers, from the root to the crown. Through visualization and silent reflection, discover inner harmony and a deeper connection to your spiritual essence.

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  • Rise & Rinse

    Join Sonali for a feel-good morning flow to shake off any stagnant energetic layers from your sleep and embrace the day with a full body rinse.

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    So much gratitude t...

  • Chakra Series Intro

    Join Sonali for a 7 part chakra series - a journey of exploring the energetic centers that run from our roots to our crown with the intention on connection and balance.

  • Root Chakra Flow

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    Join me as we access & bring balance to our root chakra. This energy system is located at the base of our spines & serves as our house of connection to the earth & our bodies. As we fin...

  • Sacral Chakra Flow

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    Invite creativity & play into your practice by diving into the ebb & flow of the sacral chakra. Together, we’ll move like water through a hip-opening flow as we explore our energy cente...

  • Heart Chakra Flow

    Our heart chakra is the energetic center of compassion, devotion, and acceptance. Join Sonali is this 20-minute flow to energize your heart center, bring expansion to the muscles in your chest & shoulders, and embark on the journey of loving and being loved.

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  • Throat Chakra Flow

    Our throat chakra is the energetic center that gives a home our inner, authentic voice. Join Sonali for a 20-minute flow focused on creating space for the muscles in our neck, honoring our truth, and trusting the guidance of our body.

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  • Solar Plexus Chakra Flow

    Our solar plexus chakra is the energetic center of power, strength, and energy. Join Sonali for a core-centered flow to balance the solar plexus!

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  • Third Eye Chakra Flow

    Our third eye chakra is our energetic center of wisdom and intuition. Join Sonali for a flow to balance the third eye!

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  • Crown Chakra Flow

    Our crown chakra resonates with our consciousness, enlightenment, and ability to connect with all things. Join Sonali for a crown chakra flow to align your system from your roots to your crown.

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  • Hips & Twists

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    Hips and Twists is a 45-minute flow focused on releasing tension the lower spine and creating mobility in the hips through engagement. This class will integrate components of Ha...