Sri Amirah

Sri Amirah

Hello! My name is Sri Amirah. I am a full-time 200-hour yoga teacher with a deep passion for learning, teaching, and sharing my practice with others. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I grew up loving to engage and move my body through outdoor adventures which eventually led me to yoga. I have been a certified yoga instructor since 2017 and have had the honor of sharing this beautiful practice in many spaces. Which is why I am thrilled extend my offerings to this virtual platform where you can practice at your own time, pace, and convenience. Through my content I aim to provide a practical, accessible, fun, and interactive yoga experience. My intention is for you to leave feeling more grounded yet energized, a higher connection to self, and better than when you arrived. Let’s flow!

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Sri Amirah
  • The Perfect Morning Routine Flow

    Start your day off right with this perfect morning flow! Join me as we dive into gentle spinal movement and juicy side stretches that will leave your body feeling warm, loose, and set the tone for a positive day ahead.

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  • Yoga Flow to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety have a funny way of manifesting itself within our bodies. This often shows up as tension and tightness and can have long-term physical effects. In this flow, we focus on heart-opening poses to expand our lung capacity which allows us to deepen our breath. Through this intention...

  • Beginner Flow: Warrior Series

    Whether you're just getting started with yoga looking to break down poses or a seasoned pro seeking to get back to the basics, this flow is for you! Join me as we break down the poses in a Sun Salutation A, breathe through a Warrior Series, and end with a brief savasana.

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