Stephanie Shawn Lott

Stephanie Shawn Lott

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to sing. I walked into my first yoga class with chanting in 2011 and felt squarely at home. I went on to train with Rusty Wells in the Bay Area in the style of Bhakti Flow, a highly physical, sweaty, and sing-songy practice. My hope is that you and I can join joyful forces in the concerted efforts of physicality and intention, to leave a yoga practice feeling a little better than when we walked in.

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Stephanie Shawn Lott
  • A Quadruped Approach to Arm Balances Intro

    This series is based on growing and transitioning into arm balances within a flow beginning from the base of all fours.

  • Quadruped Series Warm Up

    Learn the fundamentals of our series in this mellow introduction to our quadruped poses. This class introduces our themes and forms and highlights some specifics of our postures that will be useful throughout the series.

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  • Quadruped Series Video 2

    We will use our new found skills and catapult right into our first variation of functional forms. There are some flow-esque types of moves to prepare our body and some heat building "beast pose" as we prime our core for greater efforts. We will learn a couple of new transitional poses from beast ...

  • Quadruped Series Video 3

    Things really get cooking in video 3 as we incorporate our shapes into their advanced variations. We will warm up through sun salutations and open up and strengthen our hips a bit. We will continue to use our quadruped beast pose as a jumping off point and explore one and two arm balances.


  • Quadruped Series Video 4

    We have explored all of our new forms and mastered our transitions in and out of our base poses. We are now ready to put it together in the context of a vinyasa flow full of beast poses, arm balances and some hip openers.

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  • Weekend Warrior (Vira-Badass-Ana)

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    Okay okay.. so maybe you have seen the Virabhadrasana (warrior) poses many times. They are ubiquitous in Vinyasa classes and pack a long list of benefits. I think t...

  • Clear the Channel

    Check out BSY's Spotify playlist and let's do the work!

    This short video is a relaxed introduction to Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) pranayama. This breath pattern encourages balanced inner hemispheres to ca...

  • Yoga After a Long Day at Work

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    Oh to come up or go down after a long day of work? That is the question. Why not do both? This bite size vinyasa flow is tailored to send you into your evening havi...

  • 5 Breaths Hatha

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    We are taking it one pose at a time here, holding for about 5 breaths cultivating drishti (eye gaze) into our practice. This class is meant to give us a little more time to breathe and to feel into the nuan...