Summer Kickstart

Summer Kickstart

KICKSTART SUMMER with new classes, new content & new instructors on Remember, have fun & find your movement!

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Summer Kickstart
  • Durability Warm up

    Use this Open Chain mobility sequence to prep your body before a workout, or intermittently throughout the day to keep your joint mobile and happy.

  • Kettlebell Movement Breakdown

    For your lower body with opportunity to add some presses. 3 moves to use for a 3-5 round quick movement break, or follow this video up with Steel Mace Flow and bodyweight.
    Movement 1: Side Step Swing Clean/Reverse
    Movement 2: Lunge/Squat to Press
    Movement 3: Single Leg Bridge Press

  • Bodyweight Burn

    We will work with 3 different body weight portions you can use as a stand alone workout or combine them with your flows from other teachers on or my other other classes.
    Movement 1: Front Step Front Kick through
    Movement 2: Crab Reach
    Movement 3: Bear Tap Push up

  • Steel Mace Flow

    This video will prep you for Steel Mace Cradle Squat and Battle Stance Flows. Get ready to sweat, breath, and flow with the mace!

  • Side Crow Breakdown

    In this video, I'll demonstrate how to get into side crow step by step, as well as how to properly warm up the body to increase your chances for success. Don't worry if you don't get it right away. Remember to have fun with the journey and celebrate the small successes!

  • Loco Core

    This class focuses on building core strength and endurance and is meant to be challenging. Give yourself the space to enter in at your own pace and work towards getting all of the reps with the prescribed rest times. This class is for all levels.

  • Move Like Water

    Let’s move freely and have fun while you change up the pace of your practice. We will will play with unexpected transitions that challenge you to float, balance and move like water!

  • Booty Burn

    Wake up all parts of your body and lets get the glutes to wake up! Be prepared to work hard…your lower half will thank you!

  • Lower Body Burn

    This segment infuses traditional yoga with functional fitness to create a lower body burn. From glutes to thighs and even calves this workout has everything you need to get you toned!

  • Quick Full Body Vinyasa Flow

    We’ll touch on all parts of the body that are typically tight, overworked and in need of a some attention. Back strengthening, inner-thigh opening and short so you can spend more time off the mat, reaping the benefits of your practice.

  • 360 Core

    This segment infuses traditional yoga, functional fitness and pilates based movements to create a 360 degree core workout. You will feel the burn in your obliques, lower abs and even in the muscles that create the back side of your core. This is a total core workout!

  • Feel Good Stretch

    A little goes a long way. Keep your practice simple and let’s practice together -be mindful as we move and release tension that can build up around the chest, neck and shoulders.

  • In Your Power

    This a powerful breath to movement vinyasa flow. We start on the earth grounding into the body and breath, and then build quickly to a strong full body practice. This is the perfect class when you're short on time and want a quick reset to reconnect you back to presence, your power, and origin of...

  • Happy, Healthy & Strong Total Body Burner

    Accessible to all fitness levels, you will burn fat, build strength, lean muscle, and core strength fast in this quick total body HIIT workout. You will come back to this workout over and over again because we do it all: shoulders, glutes, core, plyometrics and mobility. Take at your own pace, or...