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Acro Yoga • 2m 18s

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  • Shoulder Stand

    This one can be quite scary, but don’t worry, you’ve GOT THIS! Be confident and strong! As the flyer, you will go completely upside down so you need to make sure you are stacking your toes above your hips and hips above your shoulders, all in one line! Please be sure you have a solid headstand pr...

  • Bow

    Bow is one of the basic backbends for you to play with in acro. If you are the flyer, make sure you are warming up your spine by practicing Bow pose on the floor first. Once you feel confident in reaching back and grabbing your ankles on the ground, you can attempt doing it in the air! As for mos...

  • Prasarita Twist

    Twist it out! This one is super fun because the flyer gets to flip directions and twist all while being upside down! Its pretty simple but still looks really cool! As the base, you should warm up by stretching your hamstrings. If you are the flyer, you should definitely stretch your hamstrings by...