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  • Serena Beatty

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  • Naomi McCoy

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  • Cassandra Edmonson

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    Yoga has opened the door to so many blessings in my life. My intention through teaching is to share the gifts that have been passed down to me, so that others may feel peace, ease, and joy through their own mindful practice. I enjoy teaching heart-led, dynamic, accessible classes that guide stude...

  • Patsy Springer-Montoya

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    Let's be friends! All my classes are offered with the intention of personal connection and developed to have you feel like you are doing a private sesh with your BFF. I'll push you to your limit, make you laugh, and hopefully have you close your laptop feeling better than you did before you start...

  • Megan Catalani

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    I was introduced to yoga in 2006 after suffering from severe back pain. My practice first started out of necessity but after a couple years, it became my passion, therapy, and way of life. I learned and experienced how to unite my mind, body, and spirit, and I strive to help my students do the sa...

  • Bridgid Bibbens

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    I am a violinist who has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2015! Most of my classes are Strala Yoga infused, which is a system of natural movement and finding ease through challenge, developed by Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor in New York City. I trained with Black Swan Yoga, Str...

  • Jeremy Anderson

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    Texas is my home, and like the feeling you get when you know you’re home, I was sure I had found that in yoga. It was the binder and catalyst for growth in all the other activities I was drawn to, from calisthenics and meditation to recreational activities and singing. Everything was improved by ...

  • Anne Marie Herring

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    Hi there! Yoga supports my life in so many ways, from physical health and mental wellness, to emotional regulation and spiritual development - and I am so glad to share all that I am learning along the way with you. As a student and a teacher, I’m dedicated to recalibrating movement patterns in t...

  • Adam Di Marco

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  • Kaylee Nelson

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  • Jaimee Scope

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    Hello Yogis! Each time I step on my mat it is a new experience. Yoga means many, many things to me, but the one thing I want to say to you is to not take it too seriously. You'll find yourself needing yoga for all different reasons from day to day and every single one of those reasons is the righ...

  • Emily Caves

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    My name is Emily Caves, like mountain caves. I am an instructor, as well as the City Manager at Black Swan Yoga Dallas. Yoga became a part of my life at a time where I was very guarded, shy, and afraid to be myself. The practice of yoga and yoga teacher training reminded me of my strength, gave m...

  • Todd Cline

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    Hey y’all, it’s Todd! I’m truly grateful and excited to be able to share practice with you! My classes and styles include strength-based flows, slow & smooth flows, skills and mobility. See you on the mat!

  • Sonali Krish

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    My roots are grounded in the beautiful practice of yoga. With a background in psychology, biology, and human development, my classes emphasize the connection between the mind, body, and soul. I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Wild Heart Yoga & is in the works of completing my 300-hour t...

  • Thor Hutson

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    I love teaching and practicing yoga & mindfulness. I teach a yoga practice that is functional and supports my students' both physically & mentally as they navigate activities of daily living 'off of the mat.' My teaching is largely informed by my background in nursing as I specialize in providing...

  • Ishar Keshu

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    Hi I'm Ish. My aim is to preserve traditional Yogic and Buddhist teachings in an accessible way for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Many yoga classes today unfortunately only focus on surface-level goals such as "getting a good workout" or becoming strong. However, it falls short of t...

  • Tiffany Sipos

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    hi, i’m Tiffany. my goal as a teacher is to provide a safe, intelligent, accessible practice. above all else, i’m interested in longevity and after 20 years of movement under my belt, my aim is to treat my and my student’s vessels with grace and love. i believe the practice is a wonderful opportu...

  • Elese Rose

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  • Allison Hardman

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    My yoga journey began with an at home practice. For 2 years I only took a handful of in studio classes. To be able to bring my classes to BSYTV for others to enjoy from the comfort and safety of home is a true honor. I spent my childhood as a competitive gymnast, and spent most of my adult life c...

  • Kristen Nall

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    Yoga has always been a deeply spiritual practice for me. My personal yoga practice found a home with Black Swan Yoga, and it was a no brainer to explore the art of teaching with BSY. The asana practices I teach are embodiment practices that reflect spiritual and emotional growth and healing. It's...

  • Edwardo Williams

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  • Felicia Vijitchanton

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    Thank you for visiting! My hopes and intentions are to inspire you to take a moment to practice yoga (anytime and anywhere). My classes will range from a sweet 5 to 60 minutes where we will explore the balance of moving freely and playfully, yet find power in the combination of asana and breath. ...

  • Anna McConnell

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  • JJ Pepper
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    JJ Pepper

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    Hi! My name is JJ and I'm at your service as your personal trainer and yoga instructor. Movement of all kinds, from yoga to circuits and everywhere in between. My goal is to help you become a better mover. It doesn't matter where we are in this journey, we all need our vessel to move with confide...