• Trent Nivala

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    I am a physical artist who teaches power vinyasa yoga, which I conceptualize as a form of breath-based calisthenics. I love the challenge of this practice and infinite nature of it—no matter how strong you get, there is always another layer to explore! Though my classes are physically challenging...

  • Nicole Diambra

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    I started dancing when I was four and fell in love with the exploration of movement. Fast forward to college where I received a BFA in dance and took my first "real" yoga class - I was hooked. After realizing how much yoga was a tool in my own life, I jumped into Teacher Training quickly and fini...

  • Tamara Kenigsberg

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    Teaching yoga full time since 2011 my classes are an intelligent and powerful vinyasa flow inspired by Kula, Katonah & Iyengar yoga paying attention to alignment while maintaining thoughtful and creative sequencing. Born & raised in Miami, I currently live in Austin and also teach restorative, pr...

  • Sri Amirah

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    Hello! My name is Sri Amirah. I am a full-time 200-hour yoga teacher with a deep passion for learning, teaching, and sharing my practice with others. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I grew up loving to engage and move my body through outdoor adventures which eventually led me to yoga. I have...

  • Lizzy Frazier

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    Hi friends! My name is Lizzy and I’m so excited to share these transformative practices with you. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways and I love getting to share something with people that has given me so much. This practice has helped heal me mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physical...

  • Devon Young

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    I was born and raised in California and started teaching yoga in 2012 in Los Angeles. I love getting to share the practice that helped me through so many tough times in my life. In 2017 I completed my 300 hour training at Wanderlust in Hollywood with amazing mentors like Schuyler Grant, Matt Phip...

  • Felicia Vijitchanton

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    Thank you for visiting! My hopes and intentions are to inspire you to take a moment to practice yoga (anytime and anywhere). My classes will range from a sweet 5 to 60 minutes where we will explore the balance of moving freely and playfully, yet find power in the combination of asana and breath. ...

  • Brett Haginas

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    I am a yoga teacher and birth doula in Austin. I have been practicing and studying yoga for a decade, and have a deep passion for teaching classes that encourage curiosity and self-compassion on the mat. In my classes you can expect a blend of yoga philosophy, intelligent sequencing, playfulness,...

  • Patsy Springer-Montoya

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    Let's be friends! All my classes are offered with the intention of personal connection and developed to have you feel like you are doing a private sesh with your BFF. I'll push you to your limit, make you laugh, and hopefully have you close your laptop feeling better than you did before you start...

  • Serena Beatty

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  • Cassandra Edmonson

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    Yoga has opened the door to so many blessings in my life. My intention through teaching is to share the gifts that have been passed down to me, so that others may feel peace, ease, and joy through their own mindful practice. I enjoy teaching heart-led, dynamic, accessible classes that guide stude...

  • Jessica Long

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    In my classes, I bring an expansive toolkit of creative sequencing, asana variations, compassion, and an enthusiasm for making the practice accessible to anyone who wishes to learn. Yoga has something for everyone, and I want to help students discover and unfold their practice, whatever their un...

  • Allison Hardman

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    My yoga journey began with an at home practice. For 2 years I only took a handful of in studio classes. To be able to bring my classes to BSYTV for others to enjoy from the comfort and safety of home is a true honor. I spent my childhood as a competitive gymnast, and spent most of my adult life c...

  • Alex Jalbert

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    I worked a corporate gig as an analyst until 2020 when I completed the BSY Teacher Training, and became a full time Yoga and Fitness Instructor! My goal in life is to help people release tension and stress through yoga, especially those who work at desks, lift weights, and run/walk a lot! I speci...

  • Bridgid Bibbens

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    I am a violinist who has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2015! Most of my classes are Strala Yoga infused, which is a system of natural movement and finding ease through challenge, developed by Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor in New York City. I trained with Black Swan Yoga, Str...

  • Adam Di Marco

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    I am a 500HR ERYT, studying at Sivananda Bahamas in 2018 & Yoga East+West in 2023. Combining movement + sound healing in class, I teach vinyasa flow style yoga classes in-person & online. My mission is to help others through movement, breath, and sound, creating a healing and uplifting environmen...

  • Sonali Krish

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    Embarking on my yoga journey, I wholeheartedly committed myself to personal growth and well-being. From the moment I stepped onto the yoga mat, I was captivated by the transformative power within the practice. With each breath and asana, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, explori...

  • Jessica Tindall

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  • Todd Cline

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    Hey y’all, it’s Todd! I’m truly grateful and excited to be able to share practice with you! My classes and styles include strength-based flows, slow & smooth flows, skills and mobility. See you on the mat!

  • Emily Braud

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    Hi, my name is Emily B! I am an instructor, as well as the City Manager at Black Swan Yoga Dallas. Yoga became a part of my life at a time where I was very guarded, shy, and afraid to be myself. The practice of yoga and yoga teacher training reminded me of my strength, gave me the tools to breath...

  • Alondra Smith

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    Yoga is for every BODY! I was once the girl in the back of the Yoga class uncertain and overlooked. Now I’m here to change the narrative. I encourage all bodies, all ages, all levels to simply TRY.

    “Yes I can, Yes I will”

    My style of teaching is powerful flows and fun transitions. All you nee...

  • Tiffany Sipos

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    hi, i’m Tiffany. my goal as a teacher is to provide a safe, intelligent, accessible practice. above all else, i’m interested in longevity and after 20 years of movement under my belt, my aim is to treat my and my student’s vessels with grace and love. i believe the practice is a wonderful opportu...

  • Leslie Bailey

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    Hi! I'm Leslie. I love teaching yoga. I enjoy teaching a flow that helps my students feel strong and at home in their body. I'm all about meeting the body as it is each day and loving it exactly as it is. For me, the mat is where I practice getting twisted up like a pretzel and remembering to br...

  • Sean Riley

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    I believe in the healing powers of movement. I want to share this with my students as we grow together, as they become my teachers. Yoga helps me to find my breath and the space in between the moments. An authentic practice is central to my sanity and helps me to fully experience the people and t...