Jessica Long

Jessica Long

In my classes, I bring an expansive toolkit of creative sequencing, asana variations, compassion, and an enthusiasm for making the practice accessible to anyone who wishes to learn. Yoga has something for everyone, and I want to help students discover and unfold their practice, whatever their unique goals and needs may be. My BSY TV classes encourage students to deepen their relationship with themselves, find their personal alignment, and ultimately lean into and breathe through their experiences on the mat.

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Jessica Long
  • Love Your Life Flow

    Weight of the world got you down? Dance around your mat with me, as we open our hearts and hips and remember what we love about life. Getting in touch with your heart chakra will remind you that you deserve to both give and receive love; opening up your sacral chakra helps you to remember the p...

  • Chill: Love Your Life Yin

    If you wanna be a lover, you gotta get with this yin! Designed to open up your heart and hips, this life-loving yin practice will help you to get back in touch with what you love most about the world.

    Check out my Love Your Life Yin playlist, and let's get stretching!

  • Yin for Stormy Times

    No matter what sort of weather life blows your way, your practice is a place of refuge where you can learn resilience, build community, and gain clarity. Join me for a full body yin practice composed of high-sensation shapes that give you a chance to practice breathing through the storms of life...

  • The Mountain Flow

    This full body, grounding flow is centered around the archetype of The Mountain. We'll embody The Mountain not only in our postures throughout, but in our energy, breath, heart, and mind. The Mountian is eternal, steady, and patient. There are peaks to climb and caverns to explore. Come on th...

  • Bridge Building Flow

    This full body, backbend focused flow is centered on the archetype of The Bridge. The Bridge is all about acceptance and wholeheartedly saying 'YES!' Bridges create flow between people, places, and ideologies - they lead to new lands of healing, curiosity, and communication. These connections ...

  • Yin for the Wandering Soul

    This 360° yin practice will take you to all corners of your mat. Take time to check in with where you are on your journey, be that literal, metaphorical, or spiritual. Visualize the obstacles in your path, and practice softening your body, breath, and mind in order to help you find ways around ...

  • Yin Series Intro

    Join Jessica for a 4 Part Yin Series that will slowly target different parts of the body. Enjoy slowing down, getting cozy, and adding props to your practice.

  • Yin for Upper Body

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    It's time to show your wrists, arms, shoulders, and neck some love! Slow down and open up with this gentle yin practice. Be sure to grab a strap - and you might also like your blocks ...

  • Yin for Your Spine

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    Has your back been feeling tight? This is the yin practice for you! Together we'll fold forward, backward, side to side, and twist in this session built for spine health. Gather your...

  • Yin for 360° Hip Opening

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    In this short practice, you'll get into your hips from all angles. Make sure you have some padding for your knees if they're feeling sensitive, plus blocks and bolsters are always welc...

  • Yin for Legs & Feet

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    Show your lower body some love from toes to hips! Your feet and legs carry you through life, so it's time to return the favor in the form of some juicy, long stretches. Gather some yo...

  • Yin: Heart Opening

    Check out BSY's Spotify playlist and let's do the work!

    Slow down and open up your heart with some deep yin stretches. This practice is a wonderful start or end to your day, or anytime you want to connect to your three d...

  • Hand to Big Toe Flow

    Custom BSY Spotify Playlist:

    We’ll try different variations of hand to big toe pose, gradually working our way into the balancing pose! This fun and energizing practice will bring you lots of hamstring and inner thigh stretching along with...

  • Hip Opening Yin

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    Get your tissues ready - we’re going down deep into the hips with this slow and juicy practice! We hold emotions in our hips, so take the time to breathe into whate...