Todd Cline

Todd Cline

Hey y’all, it’s Todd! I’m truly grateful and excited to be able to share practice with you! My classes and styles include strength-based flows, slow & smooth flows, skills and mobility. See you on the mat!

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Todd Cline
  • Texas Twist

    This class features a typical vinyasa flow with plenty of twists and turns throughout! This flow is made for all levels and will surely induce a sweat but at a moderate pace. Enjoy!

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  • Abs & Core Series Intro

    This series is all about building core strength and stability, as well as creating visible 6-pack abs. There are 6 videos total and should be approached by taking 1 class/day, leaving 1 day of rest per week. The workouts are short and compact and can be done before or after a larger practice, or...

  • Crunches

    Welcome to Video 1 of the Abs & Core program. In today's class, we'll delve into mainly crunching exercises, helping to build core strength and endurance in the mid-section. A classic. Here are the exercises:

    Toe Touch
    Slow Bike
    Elbow-Knee Crunch
    Clamshell Side Plank
    Bridge Extension
    Crucifix Cr...

  • Forearm Planks

    Welcome to Video 2 of the Abs & Core program. In today's class, the focus will be on movements from forearm plank. Forearm planks are great for building stability in the core, allowing for greater freedom of movement, and preventing injuries. They also provide lots of definition to the abdominal ...

  • Boat and Hollow Body

    Welcome to Video 3 of the Abs & Core program. Today's class has a mix of boat variations, compressive strength exercises, and some posterior chain work. These movements help reinforce strength and compression through the rectus abdominis, obliques, and lower back muscles. This one is a scorcher! ...

  • Posterior Chain

    Welcome to Video 4 of the Abs & Core program. This class is all about working the back side of the core, or lower back muscles. While it's not the first thing you may think of when shaping your core, it's ESSENTIAL to work this area for balance, as well as for health and longevity. Here are the e...

  • Lower Abs

    Welcome to Video 5 of the Abs & Core program. As the name of the class implies, this workout is all about the lower abs. Not only is it incredibly functional and advantageous to have a strong lower core, but lower abs look great! Especially as we sit more, our lower abs or hip flexor muscles tend...

  • High Planks

    Welcome to Video 6 of the Abs & Core program.The final class of the series! Congratulations on making it to the last workout of the week. You've put in lots of hard work and the rest day is right around the corner. The focus of today is around high plank movements. This is not only great for your...

  • Eagle vs. Crow

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    This class is all about balance! Balance in breath, mind and body. While we move through a steady flow that creates strength, stability and familiarity in the body...

  • Jungle Power

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    Get ready to turn up the heat! This quick-paced flow will get fired up on all cylinders. A balance of strength, mobility, and arm balances will surely help you to b...

  • Grounded In Gratitude

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    Gratitude is the magical path towards joy, contentment and peace. A great meditation to start the day or when you are needing a reminder of this simple yet profoun...

  • Handstand Hero Intro

    Meet Todd! Black Swan Yoga Austin teacher. Practice at your pace and enjoy Handstand Hero Series!

  • 1 Healthy Wrists And Shoulders

    In this class, we’ll go into an in-depth wrist and shoulder warm-up routine. Warming up the wrists and shoulders before working into handstands is extremely important. The healthier we keep our wrists and shoulders, the more flexible and mobile we become, and the more likely we are to succeed at ...

  • 2 Handstand Foundations

    This class is all about learning fundamental shapes and patterns before we go upside down. We’ll explore shapes like plank, hollow body, and how to engage properly in a handstand. The more comfortable you are with these shapes, the greater your likelihood for success when you get upside down.

  • 3 Kicking Up Into Hand Stand

    We’re finally getting into the free-standing handstand! Whoo! Congrats for making it this far. In this class, we’ll break down some common entry points into handstand. By now, you should feel comfortable with holding handstands at the wall, how to fall out, and feel invigorated for this next part...

  • 4 Floating Into Hand Stand

    Floating into handstand is definitely a more advanced technique for getting into your handstand. However, it’s key to being able to weave handstands into class. Anytime a teacher cues you to get to the top of the mat, you have the opportunity to work your handstand in class. Get ready to fly!

  • 5 Putting It All Together, Handstand at the Wall

    If you don’t have a regular handstand practice (and even if you do) practicing at the wall is critical to getting used to the handstand shape, learning how to engage, and how to breathe. Spend a good amount of time at the wall, and aim to hold a fully engaged handstand for at least 20 seconds for...

  • Backbend Level Up

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    Welcome to Backbend Level Up! In this class, I'll be demonstrating common backbend postures. We'll start by warming up the muscles in the back and core and progress from beginner level ...

  • The Expansion

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    Get ready to expand and open up through the body, while working up a bit of a sweat. This flow is for all levels.

  • Power On

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    Tap into your power with this vinyasa-style class aimed to build strength and flexibility, while testing your stability and precision. See you on the mat!

  • Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 Breakdown

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    In this video, I break down how to get into Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2, or sometimes called Flying Lizard. There are drills and warm-up movements to help prepare you for flight.

  • Crane Pose Breakdown

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    In this class, I breakdown how to get into crane pose. Crane, like crow pose, is a foundational arm balance. Unlike crow pose, where the arms are bent, crane pose is a straight-arm arm ...

  • How To Float

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    In this class, I demonstrate drills and movements to work up towards floating to the top of your mat. I break down the important components of floating and how to float to your mat feel...

  • Total Mobility

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    This class will help build warmth and mobility through your joints and muscles. An ideal class for starting your day, warming up before a more intense activity or for whenever you need ...