Cassandra Edmonson

Cassandra Edmonson

Yoga has opened the door to so many blessings in my life. My intention through teaching is to share the gifts that have been passed down to me, so that others may feel peace, ease, and joy through their own mindful practice. I enjoy teaching heart-led, dynamic, accessible classes that guide students down the path of self-discovery and deeper connection. Expect an open invitation to honor your body and “move like yourself”. I look forward to sharing a practice with You!

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Cassandra Edmonson
  • 30min Grounding Flow-Hips

    This 30 minute hip focused vinyasa practice invites in connection and ease. The practice starts low to the ground then slowly builds towards standing and balancing poses. It is a moderate paced practice that will leave you feeling rooted and centered.Hope you enjoy!

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  • Neck and Shoulder Release

    Join Cassandra for an all levels slow-paced practice, to release tension in the neck and shoulders. This gentle movement sequence can be helpful anytime you want to find more calm and ease in your body. Enjoy :)

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  • The Wind Down

    A short soothing practice to release the day and calm your body and mind. This is a great practice to incorporate at the end of the day, or anytime you need to release stress and cultivate a sense of overall well-being. Expect slow mindful movements and deep nourishing stretches. See you on the ...

  • Short & Spicy Pick Me Up

    Join me for a short and spicy flow, for when you need an energizing morning practice or a mid day pick me up. Expect to recharge your body and mind with balance work and feel good movement. See you on the mat!

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  • Energize- "I am healthy, vibrant, and full of energy"

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    An uplifting flow that threads in a powerful affirmation for vitality. This short practice is a wonderful way to start the day or can be used as an afternoon pick me up. See you on the ...

  • Confidence- "I am confident in myself and my abilities"

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    A strengthening practice, that empowers us to show up as our best self. This practice reminds us our personal power and how to tap into it. Use this any time you need a confidence boost...

  • Self Love- "I am enough"

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    This practice is a wonderful way to love on yourself. Heart openers and loving affirmations are weaved through this practice to leave the heart, body, and mind deeply connected. Think o...

  • Gratitude-"I am open to gratitude"

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    This practice is rooted in thankfulness. A lovely practice to remember all the blessings in our lives big or small. Use this practice to start or end the day with more gratitude and abu...

  • Grounded- "I am grounded, calm and at peace"

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    A great way to feel balanced, centered and more present in your body. Consider this practice an opportunity to feel more at home within yourself. This a lovely flow to practice any tim...

  • Immunity Booster

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    A nourishing full body practice composed of key postures that will strengthen and support your body’s immune system. This feel good practice is a great way to redu...

  • Power Through

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    This dynamic practice will help build the stamina and strength we need to meet life’s challenges and overcome obstacles.

  • Revitalize in 45

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    A 45 minute all levels vinyasa flow focused on bringing new life and vitality into the mind, body, and spirit. We will utilize breath, twists, and energizing movement to invigorate the body and release what no ...

  • Energize and Open

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    This uplifting 45 minute flow blends dynamic movements with light backbends to energize your whole body. This class focuses on opening the front body using a variation of Sun C,...

  • Find Home In Your Body

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    Find home in your body with this welcoming 45 minute breath focused flow. We will move mindfully through hip and shoulder openers to find a sense of balance, calm and ease in th...

  • Find Your Center

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    Reconnect to your steady center with this moderately paced core-focused practice. This flows offers fun creative transitions to get you feeling grounded and connected. Peak poses include ...

  • Good Morning Sunshine

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    Start your day with this energizing 30 minute flow. This fun little morning practice is opportunity to breath and move your way to more clarity and freedom within your body. Build focus and ...

  • Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

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    This short uplifting flow is the perfect practice to develop the sustainable energy you need to get you through the day. Enjoy this flow anytime you need an energe...

  • Front Body Opening

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    This practice is designed to open the parts of the body that get tight or short in our daily activities, such as sitting on the computer or driving. These chest an...

  • 7 Minute Holiday Reset

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    Take a few minutes to calm your mind and release stress with this short guide into the restorative pose Stonehenge.
    This yummy pose is great to do during the Holi...

  • Wild Thing Breakdown

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    In this short tutorial, we will break down the pose Wild Thing, and how to safely enter and exit it from common transitions.