Black Swan Yoga Essentials

Black Swan Yoga Essentials

The vibe we want to share this month. Here are your specially curated BSY classes, always on deck for your practice.
Beginner Flow, Flow, Power Flow, Slow Flow, Chill, Meditation, and Hot Onnit! Pick your poison and we will see you on your mat!

Black Swan Yoga Essentials
  • Beginner Flow: Warrior Series

    Whether you're just getting started with yoga looking to break down poses or a seasoned pro seeking to get back to the basics, this flow is for you! Join me as we break down the poses in a Sun Salutation A, breathe through a Warrior Series, and end with a brief savasana.

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  • Flow: Bridge Building Flow

    This full body, backbend focused flow is centered on the archetype of The Bridge. The Bridge is all about acceptance and wholeheartedly saying 'YES!' Bridges create flow between people, places, and ideologies - they lead to new lands of healing, curiosity, and communication. These connections ...

  • Power Flow: Family Matters

    When the kids are extra "cute" and the in-laws are on your already shot nerves and you need to move that body fast and furious style. This is quick and dirty and will get your heart rate up and make you forgot what had your jaw clenched.

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  • Slow Flow: Open Shoulders, Open Heart

    This grounding, flow is perfect for anytime you feel closed off, restricted in your shoulders or around your heart space, or just want to drop in and be sweet to your body. Move through moon salutations and twists with me to invite in ease and an opportunity to move gently with your delicious bre...

  • Chill: On Sundays We Chill

    Wind down the week, leave behind what you don’t need to take with you into next week, and create space for new opportunities.

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  • Meditation: Calming Breathwork

    A quick breathwork practice to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system.

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  • Hot ONNIT Animal Flow

    This flow combines the power of Animal Flow & Yoga for a fun and challenging sequence. The main focus is getting in and out of Crow Pose to a side kick thru. This flow is great for those looking to get a quick and sweaty full body workout.

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