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Head-to-Toe Flow Series | Part 5 Legs/Feet

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  • Head-to-Toe Flow Series | Part 4 Lumb...

    Welcome to part 4 of the 5 part Head-to-Toe Flow Series where each video focuses on a different area of the body beginning from head to toe! In this video we'll focus on movement through the lumbar spine AKA your low back/sacrum and hips. Move energy through your low back and open through your hi...

  • Power Flow: Challenge with a Twist

    Take 10 minutes to settle into a powerful twist. We will spend 12 minutes getting into some nutty fruity details of what we might want to wake up and release before we get to our peak pose: side crow.

    Have fun, enjoy! See you soon.

    Check out BSY's Spotify playlist and let's do the work! https:...

  • Chill: Love Your Life Yin

    If you wanna be a lover, you gotta get with this yin! Designed to open up your heart and hips, this life-loving yin practice will help you to get back in touch with what you love most about the world.

    Check out my Love Your Life Yin playlist, and let's get stretching!