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Watch this video and more on BSY TV

30-minute Kettlebell Flow Builder

30+ MIN • 29m

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  • Short & Spicy Pick Me Up

    Join me for a short and spicy flow, for when you need an energizing morning practice or a mid day pick me up. Expect to recharge your body and mind with balance work and feel good movement. See you on the mat!

    Check out my playlist, and let's do the work:

  • The Wind Down

    A short soothing practice to release the day and calm your body and mind. This is a great practice to incorporate at the end of the day, or anytime you need to release stress and cultivate a sense of overall well-being. Expect slow mindful movements and deep nourishing stretches. See you on the ...

  • Yoga & Animal Flow

    This bodyweight workout focuses on 3 Animal Flow movements, Side Kick Thru, Scorpion Reach, and the Front Step. Expect a yoga-style warm-up followed by a quick core set to prepare your midline for stability as you begin to pile together each movement. Practice the rounds as many times as you need...