Ellen Slugg

Ellen Slugg

I am a caring, high-energy yoga instructor currently pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy! As a martial artist, climber, and fitness enthusiast, I focus sessions on strength and mobility while staying in tune with the power of breath. When working abroad in China, I quickly learned the importance of cultivating communities through sharing my passion for movement. During the pandemic, I was able to stay connected with my students at International Schools and Embassies by creating teaching videos. Whether you’re looking to get in a quick core session or find vitality in the comfort of your home, I look forward to sharing my practice with you!

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Ellen Slugg
  • Power Balance

    30 minute powerful flow to start or reset your day! Challenge your balance with variations on traditional poses like warrior one and chair twist. Click open with a playful attitude.

    Check out BSY's Spotify playlist and let's do the work! https://open.spotify.com/user/4x5pimcammwtnf2tsbul4nkw4?si...

  • Runner's Flow

    This class was created to strengthen and stretch running muscles. In addition to hips, glutes, and hamstrings, we focus on building a strong core and upper body to maintain good running form. Whether you ran a 5K with friends over the weekend or are training for a full marathon, Runner's Flow wil...

  • Strong and Mobile

    BSY Custom Spotify Playlist:

    Discover new methods of finding mobility in practicing variations of our traditional poses and transitions. You are sure to feel open, empowered, and sweaty after this 30-minute class!

  • Energized

    BSY Custom Spotify Playlist:

    Unlock your potential in this power flow. We will achieve empowerment through a series of twists, core work, and challenging yet accessible balancing series. Stay in tune with the breath from start to finish an...