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Wrist Saver Flow

30 min • 37m

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  • Strength Through Repetition

    Find Strength, Stability and Balance in this fun Vinyasa Flow through repetitive reps of three! Synchronize breath and movement in a challenge sequence of movements including Lunges, Chair, Warrior 2 and Half Moon. This practice will strengthen full body, work on hip and leg flexibility and incre...

  • Hip Stretch

    A restorative practice to help open and release your hips!

  • Hot Onnit Furry Fitness Bodyweight Tr...

    Get a full body workout in about 30 min. with this challenging Bodyweight Training Program. With just a quick warm up and cool down this program will definitely make you sweat!

    Bodyweight Programing:
    Terrific 2's

    30 sec 3 Rounds

    A. Mt. Skiers
    B. Shoulder Taps

    A. High Hip Hinge Overhead Reac...