Ishar Keshu

Ishar Keshu

Hi I'm Ish. My aim is to preserve traditional Yogic and Buddhist teachings in an accessible way for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Many yoga classes today unfortunately only focus on surface-level goals such as "getting a good workout" or becoming strong. However, it falls short of the potential that Yoga was meant to provide. In my classes, you'll learn practical techniques to calm the mind, develop concentration, develop equanimity, experience bliss, and more. My personal practice consists of meditating 3 hours daily, taking (and teaching) multiple yoga classes per week, and studying with Buddhist monks in-person to deepen my practice. The practice of meditation and yoga has absolutely changed my life, and I wish to spread some of that joy to you!

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Ishar Keshu
  • Furthering your Meditation Practice

    So far, you’ve learned the basic essentials of how to meditate. This video will expand upon how to structure your practice going forward. Thank you for watching!

  • Insight-based Meditation Practices

    This video discusses the importance of Insight or Vipassana based practices. You’ll learn about the Mahasi Sayadaw Noting practice and be given a guided meditation so you can practice. This meditation can (and should) be done throughout most of your waking hours for optimal progress.

  • Concentration Meditation Practices

    This video discusses the importance of concentrating your mind. Concentration is the key foundation for any spiritual practice. In addition to learning about the benefits of concentration meditation, you’ll also be given a guided meditation to practice along with to put the theory into practice.

  • The Roadmap to Meditation – Understanding the 8 Limbs of Yoga

    This video provides a bigger picture for your practice by understanding the 8 Limbs of Yoga. It’s often helpful to have a guide in place when embarking on any journey, so you know how to progress. The 8 Limb system of Yoga provides a systematic path for yogis to follow.

  • Zen Meditation (Zazen)

    Check out BSY's Spotify playlist and let's do the work!

    This meditation is based on the Zen meditation practice known as Zazen. Two great qualities that Zen develops are open awareness and equanimity. In this practice, y...

  • Anapanasati Practice

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    Concentration and focused attention are two essential faculties for any maturing spiritual practice. In this 20 minute meditation with Ish, you'll learn how to train your attention thro...

  • Insight Practice

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    This one-hour yoga class will be centered around the theme of insight, mindfulness, and observation. These important qualities help transform your spiritual practice both on your mat an...