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Trust the Process

Jaimee Scope • 7m 8s

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  • But First, Abs

    We work through the shoulders, core, obliques, and lower body here and it PUMPS you UP! I love a quick, but efficient flow or workout because it doesn't leave me completely depleted and also sometimes you just don't have the time. Let me know what ya'll think of it and get sweatin'!

  • Full Extension

    I called this flow Full Extension because I try to expand on the idea of lengthening out, in all ways, but specifically the legs. So often, we send our leg out, forward, or out, but are we really taking up as much space as possible? Are we really stretching and feeling the engagement all the way ...

  • Wring Out the Hips

    In this flow, you'll find a lot of side bending and stretching as well as opening through the hips. I have just entered into my 2nd trimester and my hips are doing some things. I'd like to keep the openness while also still build my strength and this is the flow for it. You'll find a theme of fig...