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Boat and Hollow Body

Abs & Core Series • 9m 25s

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  • Posterior Chain

    Welcome to Video 4 of the Abs & Core program. This class is all about working the back side of the core, or lower back muscles. While it's not the first thing you may think of when shaping your core, it's ESSENTIAL to work this area for balance, as well as for health and longevity. Here are the e...

  • Lower Abs

    Welcome to Video 5 of the Abs & Core program. As the name of the class implies, this workout is all about the lower abs. Not only is it incredibly functional and advantageous to have a strong lower core, but lower abs look great! Especially as we sit more, our lower abs or hip flexor muscles tend...

  • High Planks

    Welcome to Video 6 of the Abs & Core program.The final class of the series! Congratulations on making it to the last workout of the week. You've put in lots of hard work and the rest day is right around the corner. The focus of today is around high plank movements. This is not only great for your...