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Ninja Bodyweight Training

Erin Furry • 47m

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  • Happy Hips and Shoulders

    This short flow focuses on opening shoulders and hips in the beautiful Mueller Lake Park. We will warm up the hips, spine and shoulders to begin connecting breath and movement. I will take you through all Warriors focusing on shoulder opening and balance. You will sequence through lunges with bac...

  • PONDering Life

    I had more compliments about this class in the studio than any other lately so happy to bring it to you on Black Swan Yoga TV. Throughout the practice we take two poses and flow between them back and forth with fluidity. The best part of the video is the beautiful view of the pond and cute ducks ...

  • Backyard Bridge Flow

    In this beautiful backyard practice we start grounded to earth to connect and warm up. The theme and intention in the practice is Fearlessness. This sequence mostly consists of lateral and front line realeases like Extended Side Angle, and Humble Warrior, along with balance poses including Standi...