Marco Delossantos

Marco Delossantos

I remember the first time I took a yoga class. I felt a huge connection and power within my body. I was a dancer growing up and was looking to find a movement system that gave me a similar feeling as when I was on stage. My classes are both challenging and approachable. I want all people to connect to something higher within themselves. Black Swan has given me the tools to harness my creativity and open heart. I am so grateful for this amazing community and look forward to our students taking yoga on the road. In my classes you will see a merging of the alignment and creative worlds. Hope to see you on your mat soon. Namaste!!!

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Marco Delossantos
  • Hip Stretch

    A restorative practice to help open and release your hips!

  • 10 minute Hip Opening Flow

    Here's a short sequence to help open your hips and feel inspired!

  • Heart Opening Slow Flow

    A sequence designed to open your chest and shoulders. Open your heart and feel the freedom in your body and mind

  • Vinyasa for Cabin Fever

    A quick sequence designed to get your creative juices flowing. A fun flow for you to just move and feel joy :)

  • Core Baby!

    Join me for a quick core session to get those abs burning!

  • Half Splits with Marco

    Half Splits- Here is a tutorial on how to stretch your hamstrings with more emphasis on muscular engagement. Perfect complement to any other vigorous activity. This variation allows more stretch and sensation.

  • Chaturanga Tutorial

    Chaturanga- For many years I allowed my shoulders to take the full force from the yoga push ups. This tutorial provides tips on how to engage other muscles to allow greater efficiency. Perfect for anyone looking for a tune up.

  • Hip Opening Flow

    Hip Opening Flow- A mini flow designed to create space and mobility in your pelvis. The sequence has some fundamental postures that will assist with both strength and flexibility.

  • Upward Facing Dog Execution

    Upward Facing Dog- Here is a tutorial on to properly execute up dog. To avoid crunching the lower back and to open our hearts without compromising other limbs.

  • Downward Facing Dog Foundations

    Downward Facing Dog- Here is one of the important and foundational postures in yoga. Learning how to properly engage different muscle groups to create length in the spine and taking weight into your legs.

  • Crow Pose Confidence

    Crow Pose- This pose if the first posture to begin learning how to go upside down. Crow pose will you give you the confidence in how to take weight in your upper body. More focus on placement and core/pelvic engagement will have you going upside down soon.

  • Mini Backbend Flow

    Backbends- Having a bad day or feeling deep within yourself? This mini flow will open your chest and shoulders without compromising your lower back. Opening your body will create happiness and compassion.

  • Heart Opening Flow

    Get ready for lots and lots of juicy heart openers baby!