Megan Catalani

Megan Catalani

I was introduced to yoga in 2006 after suffering from severe back pain. My practice first started out of necessity but after a couple years, it became my passion, therapy, and way of life. I learned and experienced how to unite my mind, body, and spirit, and I strive to help my students do the same. You can expect a powerful and creative vinyasa flow when you come to my class! We move freely through a series of balancing poses, inversions (if that's your thing!), and mindful sequences. My class will help quiet your mind and keep your body guessing.

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Megan Catalani
  • Flow Freely

    This flow has you moving fluidly across your mat. You will feel as if you are dancing with yourself as you twist and flow out any stale and negative energy in your body. I hope you enjoy this fun flow as much I do.

  • Yoga Basics

    Whether you’ve never done yoga before, or your are looking to “check in” on your form, this is the perfect yoga video to practice. You will find yourself moving freely in and out of the basic yoga poses and feel confident in doing so. Revisit this video whenever you are looking for a short, smoot...

  • Side Crow Tutorial

    Elevate your twists by floating into side crow! We will go through a step-by-step tutorial on how to get there. There is a place for everyone in this tutorial, beginner, moderate, and advanced. Have fun! 

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  • Handstand to Vinyasa Tutorial

    Have you ever wanted to power up your practice? Here is a great way to throw in some extra heat! This tutorial will teach you how to go into a floating handstand to vinyasa. The best part about this transition is you don’t even have to have your handstand! Have some fun and give this transition a...

  • Pelvic Floor Exercise

    This video is a series of exercises to help strengthen the muscles that support the pelvic floor. If you suffer from incontinence, are post partum, or would like to advance your inversion practice, this is a must! 
    #pelvicfloor #postpartum #inversion #pregnancy #prenatal 

  • Half Moons Power Flow

    This flow is a fun, creative practice that will get you out of your head and into your body. We will move through fun transitions and work a series of balance and strength poses. Enjoy! 
    #poweryoga #vinyasa #creative #flow #balance #strength #core

  • Prenatal Yoga for Back Pain

    This prenatal flow is a wonderful practice for any soon to be mom at any point in their pregnancy. Back pain can become a common symptom during pregnancy and this flow works towards finding steady relief from that pain. Come back to this flow multiple times throughout the week when you are findin...

  • Declutter your Mind Meditation

    This meditation is centered around decluttering your mind and making space for creativity and passion. I like to think of this as a reset for the mind. Join me as we press the reset button on the mind and let go of thoughts that no longer serve you. 

  • Feel Good Prenatal Flow

    Enjoy this relaxing and releasing prenatal flow. It is a well rounded flow, wonderful for anytime of the day... especially in the morning to get your body moving in a gentle way!

  • Your Post Partum Practice

    Starting your yoga practice post partum can be a humbling and extremely challenging experience. Listen In as I briefly discuss how I stepped onto my mat in a new light. 

  • Ab Rehab

    The ab rehab is perfect if you are looking to heal diastasis recti, newly post partum, or looking to strengthen your deep inner core muscles to help with back pain. We will do a series of exercises in which you can perform at home, that will strengthen your core from the inside out. Utilize this ...

  • Full Body Power Flow

    This fun flow will have you centered and grounded throughout the entire practice. You will utilize your core and strength to stay controlled during the practice.

  • Balance and Core Power Flow

    This powerful practice that will wake you up like a bold cup of coffee. You will utilize your core to move through transitions and challenge your balance as you flow through the sequence.

  • Yoga with a Twist

    Tap into your inner warrior and move with strength through this full body flow. You will detox your organs with a series of twists, rejuvenate your mind with quick yet mindful movements, and open your heart with lengthening poses.

  • Hips & Heart

    Say hello to your hips as you move through this fun, fast flow. You will feel your hips open, along with your heart, as you move from one pose to another. This flow will challenge your core and your balance. Release your day and your hips.

  • Side Body Strength and Stretch

    This 50 minute flow will ingnite your core as it targets your obliques. You will find yourself lost in your breath as your pulse through the flow and fire up your core. You will finish feeling strong and grounded. Enjoy!

  • Around the World

    Get ready to move all around your mat with this balancing, mandula flow. We focus on manifestation and will build confidence so you can truly step into your own power. Open your mind, and your heart, for new transitions and sensations in your body.

  • Hamstring Heaven

    Enjoy this short, meditative flow that will open your hamstrings and release your quads. Whether your a runner, lift weights, or simply sit at a desk all day, your hamstrings will thank you for showing them some love in this relaxing flow. Namaste!

  • Peace in Challenge Power Flow

    Join me in this strength based power flow as we move in a mindful manner sequenced to incorporate your whole body! You will find contentment and peace through the challenging transitions because of the intention we set in this practice. Enjoy!

  • Yoga for Low Back Pain

    This yoga flow is designed to help you find relief from low back pain. We will move slow and mindfully to release the hips, hamstrings, and low back. Bookmark this practice and come back to it often when you are in pain or feel tightness in your low back.

  • Meditation for Anxiety

    Anxiety is a common thing in today's day so this meditation will bring you back to a space of peace. You will step out of feeling like you lost control of your power and regain control of your mind. Allow yourself this time to be present. Namaste.

  • Happy Hips Vinyasa Flow

    Open up your hips with this fast moving, hip opening, flow. It is perfect for the intermediate yogi who is ready to move around some stale energy, open the hips, and release unwanted emotions. Enjoy!

  • Morning Movement

    Wake up your body with this gentle, full body flow. You will open and awaken your body as you move mindfully through this morning flow.

  • Mindfulness Meditation

    Remove yourself from stress and step into the present with this quick and rejuvenating meditation.